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April 2015



Humiliation – Thanks to a Stolen Pen

I have a terrible habit of “borrowing” pens. On one particular occasion, after printer Manchester my name on a check-in form at the doctor’s office, I slipped the pen into my pocket without a second thought. While in a meeting later that day, a sign-in sheet was being circulated. A couple of my co-workers asked to borrow my pen, knowing they too “borrow” pens, I let them use the pen from my doctor’s office. Each person that used the pen looked at the pen then at me and then they would laugh. Finally the pen made it back to me so I was anxious to see what was on the pen that had everyone laughing. As I read the words on the pen, humiliation set in. The pen was obviously given to my doctor to promote a drug to help with impotence because it read: “Ask me about my Erectile Dysfunction.”

Can I organize you?

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